My First Trip to Orlando (Part 1)

First, a little introduction…

So being a major Disnerd who has had an annual pass to the Disneyland Resort (DLR) here in Anaheim, California, it always shocked my friends when I have said I have never been to Walt Disney World. Of course since my childhood days, I’d watch the commercials and admire the lucky kids who were able to walk around with Mickey and the gang at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. I’d beg my parents to take me and my siblings and fantasized my countless trips there.

As I got older, I came to accept the fact that maybe I won’t go to Walt Disney World (WDW) until I am moved out of the house. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to go to the World as a kid, but to experience it as an adult. I understood that and my hopes began to lower. Until…

I have two little sisters, Kairah (15) and Ariyah (11). They are in a performing arts team and they had the pleasure to perform at  Universal Studios Orlando and Walt Disney World. Considering the team usually performs locally and occasionally Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, this was huge to get the chance to perform in Orlando! When I first heard of the news, I was thrilled, thinking this was my chance to actually go to WDW for the first time. I began planning how I could save up money to go. Turns out, through the grace of God and of course my awesome parents, they paid for me to go to Orlando as an early graduation and birthday present (since they are a week apart)!

So, I eagerly packed my bags to go to Orlando for the first time! The night of December 25, 2015 changed my life forever as I embarked on a trip of a lifetime! Stay tuned for Part 2!



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