My First Trip to Orlando (Part 2)

So, this is the beginning of a trip that will change my life forever and open so many doors for me! The days until it was time to fly out flew by and before I knew it, it was time for me to board a plane to Orlando! Our flight was at 8:50pm on Christmas night. The flight there was great but I don’t really enjoy flying (funny because I want to travel the world). I had my 15 year old sister panicking majority of the flight, which was more so hilarious than anything.

Me, my 11 year old sister, Ariyah (Ari) and my 16 year old sister, Kairah (Kai) waiting for the Magical Express!

We finally arrive in Orlando around 4:15am! Since we were traveling with a group, we all met up to head towards the Magical Express. The airport is definitely filled with a lot of Orlando’s big attractions: SeaWorld, Universal Studios Orlando, and Walt Disney World. Seeing it everywhere while walking to the Magical Express was unbelievably exciting! I cannot even describe what I felt seeing everything knowing I was embarking on something I’ve wanted to do for years.

The Magical Express
Me, my mom, Ari, and Kai getting off the Magical Express.

We head on to the Magical Express and while on the bus, videos play of the resorts and parks offered at Walt Disney World. It was getting everyone excited and pumped to go explore and the bus couldn’t pull into POP Century Resort soon enough! Now, I have heard a lot about Florida humidity and didn’t think much about it because it was winter in December. My oh my! It was so warm compared to the cold we were experiencing in SoCal! We go check in and our Magic Bands (which we had delivered to us a few weeks before the trip) were officially activated to use. Disneyland Resort does not have this technology and it was so cool to use!


I am a huge Stitch lover and while exploring the store inside POP Century, I couldn’t resist taking a photo with it! 😀

My sisters, mom, and I go into our rooms and of course we’re exhausted. We did not have our luggage so we could not change into our clothes for the first day in the parks. Instead, we took a nap until the luggage arrived. Now, I had my clothes organized by the park we were entering. I happily put on my “Hakuna Matata” shirt, shorts, packed my backpack, loaded up my camera, and stepped outside to begin my journey! Hopped on board the Disney Transportation, once it stopped, I step out and look up. I have made it to my first WDW park: Animal Kingdom!

Next post, I will dive into my experiences in Animal Kingdom!


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