My First Trip to Orlando (Part 3)


So here is where I will dive into my first time going to Animal Kingdom, which I believe is my favorite park! Let’s just say it was too much for words to express how excited I was!

As I stepped off the Disney Transportation bus, I immediately began smiling because I could not believe I was actually stepping foot into a WDW theme park. The first thing I see are signs pointing to Animal Kingdom. Next, there is a giant Christmas tree decked out in animal-inspired decorations (keep in mind, I am here the day after Christmas!). Walking forward I see the infamous sign outside of the entrance. The outside instantly reminded me of the San Diego Zoo entrance. This was also my first time using my Magic Band in a Park so that was fun to try, much different than Disneyland Resort!

Me, my sisters, and my mom posing with Mickey and Minnie.

Upon entering, there is so much green everywhere! We make our way to the right to get to the icon of the park, the Tree of Life. But we quickly see an opportunity to take a photo with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. After seeing the boss couple decked out in their holiday outfits, we finally took the classic photo in front of the Tree of Life. We then proceeded to exploring a little bit of Asia as we tried not to get lost to use our first Fast Pass.

Family photo by the Tree of Life, iconic!

Expedition Everest. I have been waiting years to go on that ride and I finally was able to! Using our Magic Bands for our Fast Passes was probably the coolest thing ever. You feel like VPs! But that ride was better than I could have imagined and unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to get on it again 😦

After conquering the Yeti on Everest, we explored the rest of Asia, going into the Tiger Trek Trail. My God, Animal Kingdom has so many great opportunities for photographers to photograph. It felt like I was in heaven at one point! After Asia, we visited Dino Land, USA to ride Dinosaur. That was pretty fun and interesting. Then we went back to Africa and walked into Harambe Village. The band was performing “Waka Waka” by Shakira and cast members were showing guests dance moves. It was so perfect that moment, I can recall it so vividly as I danced with the rest of the guests in the humid Orlando weather. Magical!

Festival of the Lion King…such a great show!

We were fortunate enough to do every major thing in Animal Kingdom. The Kilimanjaro Safaris was so fun, being close to the animals was definitely exciting! After that, we were able to see the beloved Festival of the Lion King. AWESOME SAUCE!!! As a lover of The Lion King, I was like a kid in a candy store singing along to the songs. Oh, by the way, I was part of the lion squad haha. My mom and I tried the guava juice at one of the carts and we took a photo with Donald Duck in his safari outfit (so darn cute and he is my bae, I will explain in a later post!)

The quackiest duck around with the Jibri girls!
Bike ride through Harambe Village
Entrance into Discovery Island

Since Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks, we were lucky enough to score dinner reservations at Be Our Guest inside Magic Kingdom for 10:50pm! We were able to get a glimpse at the wondrous Magic Kingdom before our full day there 5 days away. Let me just say that Cinderella’s Castle is beautiful and breathtaking and I wanted to cry at the sight of it! It is magnificent when it is decked out for the holidays! It puts our poor Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland to shame! Haha

Sorry, I am digressing…back to Be Our Guest. It was splendid, the food was phenomenal, the atmosphere was magical! Talk about a Disney experience, it is so worth the money! We even got a picture with the head of the castle, the Beast! In another post, I will happily elaborate more about the restaurant and the full experience.

Menu and table settings at Be Our Guest.

Well, after that, we went back to our hotel at POP and snuggled into bed until we awake to the next day where we go to…UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO!!!

Stay tuned, folks! 😀

At the end of each Disney Park, I took a photo with the 1st Visit button in front of that park’s icon.