So, How Was Your 2016?

Hey, y’all! I know I made promise to blog more but life got rather busy and hectic since my last post. It is a new year and I am ready to move forward and hopefully get more posts in!

So, after my bad break up and embarking on my new adventure, I landed a job as a preschool photographer for Lifetouch Preschool Portraits. It was a great experience and I have been called back for another season. But I also decided to start my own YouTube channel, It’s Just Me, Ti. It has been a great start to something new and I have actually been enjoying it! I have been working a lot on my photography business, which is coming along slowly but surely! I have a lot of exciting things coming up and a few firsts but I am excited.

But on November 15, 2016, I got into a bad car accident on my way to work. It was a very scary experience but I am blessed and thank God for getting me through it. I am doing okay now besides the back and hip pains. I am limited on movement, not like I was in the beginning but I am doing much better. I am ready to continue the healing process and move forward in regaining my physical capabilities.

I hope your 2016 was not as bad as mine and I hope you are looking to the many great adventures coming in 2017, even if Donald Trump is becoming president (a blog post will be written about that soon!). I am back and ready to share my experiences with you all. For more fun adventures, follow my channel!

Until then, have a blessed weekend! 😀