Things Disnerds are Tired of Hearing


As Disnerds, we choose to openly express our love for Disney. To us, Disney has become such a huge part in our lives that we hardly think twice when we quote a Disney movie or compare things in reality to things at the Disney Parks. But for those people in our lives who really do not understand why we love Disney, it can be a real bother. So, in honor of this, here are some things Disnerds are tired of hearing:

  1. You are going to Disneyland/Disney World…again? Yes, is that a bad thing? For those Disney fans who are annual passholders, we are seen going to the Disney Parks what may appear to be everyday. The Parks are a sanctuary from the cruel world, where we can really be a kid and not fear the being judged by non-Disney lovers. My thoughts? I paid all this money for a pass, so of course I am going to use it!
  2. Do you own anything but Disney attire? What? You don’t wear your Mickey shirt outside of Disneyland? I do own regular clothes but let’s face it, Disney clothes are way better! And who is to say that we can only wear them at a Disney location? Besides, do you know how much Disney attire costs? Pshhh it is getting worn every day of the week! Haha
  3. You have too much Disney in your room. Well yes I do. Please, enjoy the endless Disney snow globes, the mountains of Disney stuffed animals, and Disney themed posters plastered all over the walls. And that is not even the rest of it! But last time I checked, it is MY room, not yours. Therefore, I shall decorate it with what I please.
  4. Can we not listen to Disney music all day?! So you are telling me that you do not listen to Disney music just for the sake of it? I bet you do not like puppies or rainbows either. Oh wait, you do? Then hush, listen, and feel the magic! It’s good for your soul!
  5. You talk about Disney way too much. Well as true as that may be, it is something that is apart of me and my life. Being friends with me or in a relationship with me, you should know that it comes with my love for Disney. And yes that means constant quotes from Disney movies to cheer you up or comparing you to a Disney character and the need to pick outfits perfect for Disney bounding.
  6. Disney is for kids. Not even! Oh little do you know that Disney was created by grown men! Did you know Walt created Disneyland because he wanted a place for kids AND adults to play? All those animated films were created by grown men for everyone to enjoy. Adults are just big kids at hearts, and Disney helps bring that out.
  7. You need to grow up. That is exactly what Uncle Walt does not want to hear! He feared of growing up. It is okay to be a kid at heart. The trouble is, too many people grow up and lose that spirited nature that children have. When we decided to “grow up”, we lose the imagination and good spirited fun. Disney encourages that. Hence why when you go to Disney Parks, the kid in you is dying to come out, because it is created to be a happy place for the kid in you.

So, fellow Disnerds, do not let these comments deter you from expressing your true love for Disney. Some people have decided to grow up and well, think of it, it is up to us to keep the spirit that Uncle Walt loved and longed for his fans to love. Be merry, spread the Disney love, and sprinkle pixie dust at anyone who disagrees with your love of Disney!


“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”

Walt Disney


2 thoughts on “Things Disnerds are Tired of Hearing

  1. Happens to my husband and I quite often when we go somewhere in Disney shirts (not matching shirts, they just both happen to be Disney) and people ask us if we are on our way to Disney or just returned from Disney. We do own a lot of Disney shirts and yes, we will wear them all the time. Like you mentioned, they are better than regular shirts and they did cost quite a bit.

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    1. Yes! It’s so annoying. Not too mention the price, yeah! Like I didn’t pay $30 for this shirt to only be worn at the parks. Oh well, they’ll never understand the greatness of wearing Disney shirts outside of the parks

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