Apps I Use to Limit Social Media Time

In my previous post, I discussed the affects the social media blues have on me and ways to overcome it. Today, I think it would be great to give off a list of helpful apps I use to limit my social media intake. These work for me so maybe they will work for you!

Social media is a great part of my life. Running my own photography business forces me to be on social media to attract new clients. Even being a YouTuber and blogger requires me to update my followers through, you guessed it, social media. But when I am not doing those, social media tends to ruin my productivity throughout the day and create sadness within me. So after doing some research and app searching, I found these the most helpful for me. Mind you, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Check to see if your phone provides this app for either Android or IOS.

Quality Time: I love using this app. I installed it a few weeks ago and am still learning to use it. It requires access to your usage tracking to track the apps you use. This app monitors which app you use throughout the day and every time you are on your phone. It tracks how long you used your phone and how many times you unlocked your screen. Going into the app, it shows you the breakdown of the times you were on your phone during the day, and then proceeds to showing you how long you were using that app in that time frame. I enjoy it because I see how much time is wasted being on social media. It also offers the ability to have set modes, which allows you to use certain apps and refrains from the usage of others.

This is an example of how it tracks your app usage. Clicking the 3 dots gives you the complete breakdown.

Forest: This app is interesting. It keeps you “locked” out of your phone for a certain amount of time by growing trees! It gives you between 10 minutes to 2 hours to grow a bush or tree. The catch is, you cannot leave the app. Once you leave the app, the tree dies and you don’t have a tree. Once your time is completed, you will have a tree. Each day, you are given a forest to grow your trees. It starts fresh every day. Depending on the amount of time you use will dictate how large your forest is. It also shows how long you were productive. It works because you want to grow a tree and make your forest grow but do not want to kill the tree by being on your phone. As of right now, I am using it as I type.


You can use the dial to change the time. It tells you how long you have stayed focus for and encourages to plant more.

This is an example of a forest. Depending on the amount your on will show how big your forest is.

Calm: I use this app to mediate with. It helps me focus and relax. I preferably use it at night before I go to sleep but have used it in the middle of the day to unwind. To get the full use of the app, it requires you pay but it works just fine for me using the free version. It has story mode where it will tell a story in soft voice to unwind and drift you off into a good sleep. There are breathing exercises as well. It offers different nature scenes with great sound effects. Mine typically are around water.


Well, there you have it! Those are the three apps I have been using to keep track of my social media intake. I do hope you enjoy using them.  Tell me what you think of them. Comment below!

Until next time! 😀


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