My New Job

With being so busy, I never revealed why I have been so busy in the first place! So, here I will explain why the heck I haven’t been active on here or my channel!

So, the fabulous news to share and the little secret I have been keeping is I AM WORKING AT THE DISNEYLAND RESORT!!! I hired in March 31 and began training May 11. It has been a while since this whole process began and I am incredibly blessed to have a job with such an awesome company.


I am a Photopass Photographer for the Disneyland Resort, which means I take photos of guests in the parks. This can be with the lovable characters of the Resort or just around the different areas in the Parks. With my job, I am one of the few who has the privilege to move around the Resort. I alternate between working in Disneyland and California Adventure.

I can honestly say I truly enjoy my job, even though I’ve only been working there for a month. It is so much fun and I love interacting with the guests I meet. And being able to be at my favorite place is always a plus! Working for Disney has always been a dream of mine and to actually be working there doing something that I love is a huge blessing.

I do not take my job lightly and I try every day to make every single guest interaction and photo experience unique to that guest/group. I also understand the seriousness of my job, meaning it took something special in me to get this job. From my ability to be a storyteller, to being creative and knowledgeable in photography, to be friendly with guests, it all has helped me get this job and help me to succeed.

My Photopass costume!

This job has also helped me to create great friendships and to experience moments that I only dream of seeing. I also have learned a great deal about myself as an individual and as a photographer. I can understand my strengths and weaknesses in both parts and it helps to develop my sense of creativity. It has also helped me to come out my shell more and tap into my true extroverted self.  I am very pleased with myself and this tremendous accomplishment.

Hopefully soon I can write more about being a Photopass Photographer and the joys of working as a cast member for the Disneyland Resort! And if you so happen to find yourself at the Happiest Place on Earth, come find me and say hello! 😀




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