Photographer Struggles

Being a photographer is an awesome thing! However, it can be rather a struggle at times. For all my photogs reading this, I know you can relate to these struggles! Whether it is dealing with clients or camera issues, I am sure you have experienced these before.

  • Pricing on photo sessions. When it comes to determining how much to charge for a session, a lot of photographers struggle with not being too high priced but not charging what they are worth. And people will tell you if you are too high. But the thing is, photographers do a lot when it comes to photographing, and the price often incorporates the editing that happens as well. And God forbid you raise your prices, people freak!
  • Taking too many photos. It is inevitable. At least a few times in your photographic career you will make the mistake in taking too many photos than you actually need. How is it possible to only be photographing for 2 hours and end up with over  600 photos? It happens to the worst of us.
  • “Friends and Family” discount. Sometimes we will cut our family and friends slack and offer to do the photos for free or at a reduced rate, which is fine. This differs from photographer to photographer. But suddenly you have “friends” and “family members” coming to you for free photos when you barely speak to each other. Everyone wants a discount or freebie but after getting asked a lot, it can become quite annoying.
  • Having no decent photos of you. It happens because you are the one behind the camera and usually are the only one in your group who actually has an eye for photos. You go on a trip and all your friends have these amazing photos that you can’t wait to edit and they can’t wait to post on Instagram but when it comes time for you, your photos are blurry or have no personality. Or worse case, you only have a selfie. This is when hanging out with other photogs comes in handy.
  • Expensive profession. Did I mention photographers and videographers are the most expensive artists in the art world? Why, you ask? Because our jobs rely heavily on our equipment and every day there seems to be newer cameras and lenses and gadgets to buy. So many of us struggle with balance and budgeting if we really need that new Canon Mark 7D or that 35mm lens or be smart and save. There never seems to be enough money in the world for all the camera equipment I wish to buy.
  • Clients telling you how to do your job. This happens where the client does not have faith in your job as a photographer. Perhaps they should be taking the photos instead of you so you can critique them. Obviously this is my job and I am skilled at it so you don’t have to worry if I am getting the entire background or if I took photos of the details of your party.
  • Wanting to travel for the sake of taking your camera on an adventure. You want to travel the world and see its beauty. But you may also see a place and immediately think of your camera and all the amazing photos you can take or new ways to challenge yourself. I always say if I can’t take my camera, I don’t want to go!
  • Lugging around a lot of equipment. A trip to the beach can result in bringing 4 different lenses and other gadgets for your camera. Because we go to places with the vision of what we want to shoot and never want to miss an opportunity to capture something or someone.
  • Missing lens caps. Do I really need to go deeper into this? The never ending cycle of loosing lens caps is something we all struggle with. Why do they go missing? The world will never know.
  • Protecting the camera at all costs. You would rather yourself get rained on than your camera. Or would rather you break your arm than the camera breaking. As long as the camera stays alive and is well, you really don’t care what happens to you!
  • You become the designated photographer. At every event, outing, or trip, you are responsible for capturing the moments. Sometimes it makes it harder for us to be a part of the moments because we are ensuring everyone else is being captured. We forget that we too deserve to take a break behind the lens and enjoy life.
  • It is addicting! Photography is very addicting. I can look behind my lens forever. Once it enters the bloodstream, it is hard to get rid of. It becomes a way of life and a part of your identity. I can’t live without photography and frankly wouldn’t want to.

If you have any other struggles of being a photographer, let me know and I will update this list!


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