Being the Big Sister

“My first job is Big Sister and I take that very seriously!”

For those who don’t know, I am a big sister of two little sisters, Kairah who is 17 and Ariyah who is 12. I became a big sister at the lucky age of 7 years old and again at the age of 12. While at 7 years old I was reluctant to take on the roll, as the years rolled by, I began to love my job as a big sister.


Being a big sister to two younger sisters can be a handful at times and definitely overwhelming. But it has its moments that are completely rewarding. Girls are tricky ┬ábecause they are moody and have attitudes and are complicated (don’t even get me started when it’s everyone’s time of the month). But they also understand you more than a brother would and it is easy to help them on their issues because chances are I have experienced them.

Sometimes being a big sister means I become a second mother to my little sisters. When my mom is away, I automatically step in doing the things they would rely on her for. In high school, college, and even now, I couldn’t just do things on the fly. I became responsible for them and helping out my parents with them. It isn’t easy for me to just plan things on the whim and it used to frustrate my friends and my exes. But I take my role as older sister seriously and feel it is my duty to help in any way to make sure they are taken care of.


At times it gets frustrating for me because I wish I could just do things on the fly but I can’t. And I know my sisters miss me when I do go out, and strange enough I miss them. I do need to learn to let go (gosh, I sound like a mom LOL) and know it is okay to hang up my big sister cape and be a twenty-something year old. But I will always be the big sister. Guiding my little ones throughout life and sharing the bond that only sisters have is something I can never take back. It is challenging and they definitely keep me on my toes but I thank God everyday that I get to be a big sister to Ari and Kai.

For those who are big sisters to sisters, you know the amazing bond there is.  The love and support you get to give to them is indescribable.