#TakeItBackTuesday 2/2/16

So it is Tuesday and I am doing a post for #TakeItBackTuesday! Normally, I will present a photo and a little story about it. I do this on my Instagram account and figured it’d be fun to try this on the blog, too!

For this Tuesday, I decided to take it back to the days of me being an Orientation Leader at my university back in summer of 2012. For those who do not know, an orientation leader (OL) is a group of selected leaders who help transition freshmen into college life. Freshmen orientation involves incoming freshmen the chance to explore the campus, make friends, register for on-campus housing, register for classes, and more within a span of two nights. My group did this four times throughout the summer and it was so much fun! I’ve made great friends and awesome experiences.

This was CI’s 2012 orientation leaders, representing silver and red track. See if you can spot me out!

Some day I will be happy to explain more about this awesome opportunity and great stories about it. Have any of you done something like this? I’d love to hear!