All About Disneyland’s MaxPass

Recently, Disneyland Resort released a new feature called “MaxPass”. Being a cast member, I see a lot of guests who are confused on what it is so I thought a blog post about it could be helpful.

MaxPass is the ability to book FastPasses through the Disneyland Resort app AND to get all your photos taken the entire day by Photopass Photographers (me!) digitally. Now this does not mean this is the only way to get FastPasses. You can still go up to each ride that offers them and get them that way. MaxPass just allows you to get them through the app instead of walking back and forth. Please keep in mind that MaxPass includes BOTH FastPasses and PhotoPass photo downloads!


For photo downloads, you will just either need a Photopass card or the QR code given in the app. The photos will appear through the app and you can download them and share straight from the app. You have 45 days to save your photos.

The price of MaxPass is an introductory price of $10 per person. Keep in mind in order for everyone in your party to use the FastPass option in MaxPass, each person will have to pay $10. So if you have 5 people in your family, your total would be $50. However if you are just buying it for the PhotoPass option, then $10 will do.

MaxPass can only be bought either ahead of time with your ticket online or through the app. Once you have entered the Parks, you can only purchase it through the app itself. Unless your ticket comes with it, MaxPass won’t work until you have entered a Park. Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes for the app to recognize you have entered so don’t get frustrated if you cannot buy it as soon as you come through the turnstiles.


Since MaxPass is a day to day system, you have to purchase it daily (unless you bought it ahead of time online and your multi-day ticket has it for multiple days). You cannot purchase MaxPass for a previous day for photos from another day. Once the last park closes, you can no longer purchase MaxPass. Disneyland does offer other photo packages to satisfy all your photo needs in the photo stores.

MaxPass is a pretty great system to get FastPasses and your photos from our awesome Photopass Photographers. If you are ever in the Parks and are curious on how it works, stop by the photo stores in either park, Main Street Photo Supply on Main Street in Disneyland or Kingswell on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.

Have any other questions regarding MaxPass or have any thoughts on it? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂


The Trio’s 1st Trip to Wizarding World!

My best friends (Jasmine and Jinyung) and I went to Universal Studios for the first time together! I did a video documenting the day that you’re welcome to watch on my channel but I thought a written form and with photos would be pretty neat.

My best friends…they are just amazing. We have been inseparable since we were in middle school. We’ve witnessed the hella awkward middle school days and even weirder high school days. We’ve survived college and now we are all moving into different parts of our lives. It can be hard to get together sometimes due to our busy adulthood schedules but when we do get together, we pick up right where we left off.

We all have passes to Universal Studios Hollywood and since we are all huge Potterheads, it seemed fitting to go. Jinyung hadn’t been in a long time, and Jasmine and I had been recently. Needless to say, we spent majority of our time in Wizarding World, which could you expect anything less from us?

From drinking Butterbeer, to buying our wands, to taking basic photos in front of Hogwarts, the trip definitely satisfied the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuff. We did explore the Lower Lot and went on Transformers, The Mummy, and the Simpsons ride. We missed the last departure of the Studio Tour (my personal favorite) and didn’t do any shows or explore Super Silly Fun Land. But we established the main goal was to do as much in Wizarding World as possible. The next trip we do will definitely be spent roaming the rest of Universal Studios.

It was nice to finally go to a theme park with the two of them. They are my sisters and it is always fun when we go out. I am excited for our next trip to Universal. Hopefully early next year, we will make a Disneyland trip so we can really be basic 😉

Enjoy these photos from my camera!




My New Job

With being so busy, I never revealed why I have been so busy in the first place! So, here I will explain why the heck I haven’t been active on here or my channel!

So, the fabulous news to share and the little secret I have been keeping is I AM WORKING AT THE DISNEYLAND RESORT!!! I hired in March 31 and began training May 11. It has been a while since this whole process began and I am incredibly blessed to have a job with such an awesome company.


I am a Photopass Photographer for the Disneyland Resort, which means I take photos of guests in the parks. This can be with the lovable characters of the Resort or just around the different areas in the Parks. With my job, I am one of the few who has the privilege to move around the Resort. I alternate between working in Disneyland and California Adventure.

I can honestly say I truly enjoy my job, even though I’ve only been working there for a month. It is so much fun and I love interacting with the guests I meet. And being able to be at my favorite place is always a plus! Working for Disney has always been a dream of mine and to actually be working there doing something that I love is a huge blessing.

I do not take my job lightly and I try every day to make every single guest interaction and photo experience unique to that guest/group. I also understand the seriousness of my job, meaning it took something special in me to get this job. From my ability to be a storyteller, to being creative and knowledgeable in photography, to be friendly with guests, it all has helped me get this job and help me to succeed.

My Photopass costume!

This job has also helped me to create great friendships and to experience moments that I only dream of seeing. I also have learned a great deal about myself as an individual and as a photographer. I can understand my strengths and weaknesses in both parts and it helps to develop my sense of creativity. It has also helped me to come out my shell more and tap into my true extroverted self.  I am very pleased with myself and this tremendous accomplishment.

Hopefully soon I can write more about being a Photopass Photographer and the joys of working as a cast member for the Disneyland Resort! And if you so happen to find yourself at the Happiest Place on Earth, come find me and say hello! 😀



My First Solo Disney Day

So, I never thought I would make it to Disneyland by myself. Who knew I would actually enjoy it! 

I usually go to Disneyland with my family and friends but I decided to go to my favorite place by myself. And to be honest, it was quite fun! At first it was a little weird, walking to the tram by myself and entering the park alone. But I began to feel at home and the feeling subsided. I had my camera so I was eager to get a few good shots while I was exploring the park solo.

Here is a photo I took while at Disneyland. More to come!

I ended up taking nice photos that I will for sure post soon of spring time at Disneyland and of some lovable characters. It was a blast. For those who photograph at the Parks, you know the struggles of doing it with other people. You feel rushed and hesitant to get into the photographer mode. However, going by myself, I was able to photograph to my heart’s content and spend extra time getting the shot I wanted.

I was able to eat what I wanted which is always great! For some odd reason, hotdogs from Disneyland taste so good to me and I was finally able to have some while I people watched in Toon Town. I took time and hunted down a few characters and took photos with them. And I was able to just enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of Disneyland.

I also met up with a few friends who happened to be in the park. That is nice to be able to freely see my friends. It is hard when you are with your family because of waiting. I saw a group of my friends from college and got to meet their daughter again and talk with them. And I even was able to hang out with my friend Julia and her boyfriend. It was a great way to end the Disney day.

Me and my good friend, Julia!

I would definitely do a solo Disney day and soon! I’d probably go to do more videos for my channel and to take more photos. I think going anywhere by yourself is good. There tends to be a bad stigma for doing things and going places solo but it is great to spend time by yourself, especially when it is a place you are very comfortable with.

For those who have an annual pass to Disney (or any theme park), I highly encourage you to go solo. You will be able to do whatever you want without having to worry about the opinions of others and to enjoy the parks in a way that makes you happy.

Have you done a solo day at the Parks? I’d love to hear all about your experiences! 🙂

My First Trip to Orlando (Part 3)


So here is where I will dive into my first time going to Animal Kingdom, which I believe is my favorite park! Let’s just say it was too much for words to express how excited I was!

As I stepped off the Disney Transportation bus, I immediately began smiling because I could not believe I was actually stepping foot into a WDW theme park. The first thing I see are signs pointing to Animal Kingdom. Next, there is a giant Christmas tree decked out in animal-inspired decorations (keep in mind, I am here the day after Christmas!). Walking forward I see the infamous sign outside of the entrance. The outside instantly reminded me of the San Diego Zoo entrance. This was also my first time using my Magic Band in a Park so that was fun to try, much different than Disneyland Resort!

Me, my sisters, and my mom posing with Mickey and Minnie.

Upon entering, there is so much green everywhere! We make our way to the right to get to the icon of the park, the Tree of Life. But we quickly see an opportunity to take a photo with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. After seeing the boss couple decked out in their holiday outfits, we finally took the classic photo in front of the Tree of Life. We then proceeded to exploring a little bit of Asia as we tried not to get lost to use our first Fast Pass.

Family photo by the Tree of Life, iconic!

Expedition Everest. I have been waiting years to go on that ride and I finally was able to! Using our Magic Bands for our Fast Passes was probably the coolest thing ever. You feel like VPs! But that ride was better than I could have imagined and unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to get on it again 😦

After conquering the Yeti on Everest, we explored the rest of Asia, going into the Tiger Trek Trail. My God, Animal Kingdom has so many great opportunities for photographers to photograph. It felt like I was in heaven at one point! After Asia, we visited Dino Land, USA to ride Dinosaur. That was pretty fun and interesting. Then we went back to Africa and walked into Harambe Village. The band was performing “Waka Waka” by Shakira and cast members were showing guests dance moves. It was so perfect that moment, I can recall it so vividly as I danced with the rest of the guests in the humid Orlando weather. Magical!

Festival of the Lion King…such a great show!

We were fortunate enough to do every major thing in Animal Kingdom. The Kilimanjaro Safaris was so fun, being close to the animals was definitely exciting! After that, we were able to see the beloved Festival of the Lion King. AWESOME SAUCE!!! As a lover of The Lion King, I was like a kid in a candy store singing along to the songs. Oh, by the way, I was part of the lion squad haha. My mom and I tried the guava juice at one of the carts and we took a photo with Donald Duck in his safari outfit (so darn cute and he is my bae, I will explain in a later post!)

The quackiest duck around with the Jibri girls!
Bike ride through Harambe Village
Entrance into Discovery Island

Since Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks, we were lucky enough to score dinner reservations at Be Our Guest inside Magic Kingdom for 10:50pm! We were able to get a glimpse at the wondrous Magic Kingdom before our full day there 5 days away. Let me just say that Cinderella’s Castle is beautiful and breathtaking and I wanted to cry at the sight of it! It is magnificent when it is decked out for the holidays! It puts our poor Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland to shame! Haha

Sorry, I am digressing…back to Be Our Guest. It was splendid, the food was phenomenal, the atmosphere was magical! Talk about a Disney experience, it is so worth the money! We even got a picture with the head of the castle, the Beast! In another post, I will happily elaborate more about the restaurant and the full experience.

Menu and table settings at Be Our Guest.

Well, after that, we went back to our hotel at POP and snuggled into bed until we awake to the next day where we go to…UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO!!!

Stay tuned, folks! 😀

At the end of each Disney Park, I took a photo with the 1st Visit button in front of that park’s icon.

My First Trip to Orlando (Part 2)

So, this is the beginning of a trip that will change my life forever and open so many doors for me! The days until it was time to fly out flew by and before I knew it, it was time for me to board a plane to Orlando! Our flight was at 8:50pm on Christmas night. The flight there was great but I don’t really enjoy flying (funny because I want to travel the world). I had my 15 year old sister panicking majority of the flight, which was more so hilarious than anything.

Me, my 11 year old sister, Ariyah (Ari) and my 16 year old sister, Kairah (Kai) waiting for the Magical Express!

We finally arrive in Orlando around 4:15am! Since we were traveling with a group, we all met up to head towards the Magical Express. The airport is definitely filled with a lot of Orlando’s big attractions: SeaWorld, Universal Studios Orlando, and Walt Disney World. Seeing it everywhere while walking to the Magical Express was unbelievably exciting! I cannot even describe what I felt seeing everything knowing I was embarking on something I’ve wanted to do for years.

The Magical Express
Me, my mom, Ari, and Kai getting off the Magical Express.

We head on to the Magical Express and while on the bus, videos play of the resorts and parks offered at Walt Disney World. It was getting everyone excited and pumped to go explore and the bus couldn’t pull into POP Century Resort soon enough! Now, I have heard a lot about Florida humidity and didn’t think much about it because it was winter in December. My oh my! It was so warm compared to the cold we were experiencing in SoCal! We go check in and our Magic Bands (which we had delivered to us a few weeks before the trip) were officially activated to use. Disneyland Resort does not have this technology and it was so cool to use!


I am a huge Stitch lover and while exploring the store inside POP Century, I couldn’t resist taking a photo with it! 😀

My sisters, mom, and I go into our rooms and of course we’re exhausted. We did not have our luggage so we could not change into our clothes for the first day in the parks. Instead, we took a nap until the luggage arrived. Now, I had my clothes organized by the park we were entering. I happily put on my “Hakuna Matata” shirt, shorts, packed my backpack, loaded up my camera, and stepped outside to begin my journey! Hopped on board the Disney Transportation, once it stopped, I step out and look up. I have made it to my first WDW park: Animal Kingdom!

Next post, I will dive into my experiences in Animal Kingdom!

My First Trip to Orlando (Part 1)

First, a little introduction…

So being a major Disnerd who has had an annual pass to the Disneyland Resort (DLR) here in Anaheim, California, it always shocked my friends when I have said I have never been to Walt Disney World. Of course since my childhood days, I’d watch the commercials and admire the lucky kids who were able to walk around with Mickey and the gang at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. I’d beg my parents to take me and my siblings and fantasized my countless trips there.

As I got older, I came to accept the fact that maybe I won’t go to Walt Disney World (WDW) until I am moved out of the house. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to go to the World as a kid, but to experience it as an adult. I understood that and my hopes began to lower. Until…

I have two little sisters, Kairah (15) and Ariyah (11). They are in a performing arts team and they had the pleasure to perform at  Universal Studios Orlando and Walt Disney World. Considering the team usually performs locally and occasionally Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, this was huge to get the chance to perform in Orlando! When I first heard of the news, I was thrilled, thinking this was my chance to actually go to WDW for the first time. I began planning how I could save up money to go. Turns out, through the grace of God and of course my awesome parents, they paid for me to go to Orlando as an early graduation and birthday present (since they are a week apart)!

So, I eagerly packed my bags to go to Orlando for the first time! The night of December 25, 2015 changed my life forever as I embarked on a trip of a lifetime! Stay tuned for Part 2!